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"Sunrise 2005"

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Your Business Health Needs

Take our 'Business Health Quiz':

  • Do you know where your business is going? Is it really going up?
  • Do you know if your customers are happy with your products and services?
  • Are all your products meeting specification?
  • Do you have no returns, no losses, no rejects, no waste?
  • Are your margins adequate? Are your profits good?
  • Do you know the real cost of each of your products?
  • Does your plant look like it was new?
  • Do you have any unscheduled equipment breakdowns, people standing idle?
  • Can you fill all your orders when needed?
  • Are you prepared to protect your business when 'disaster' strikes?
  • Do you know where we can help you?


Now the main question: "WHAT DO YOU NEED TO MAKE MORE PROFIT?"

Pick any THREE of these below:

  1. A better understanding of what my business is doing from day to day
  2. Learning sooner when my profits are up or down
  3. Learning to get better control over my operations
  4. Learning better how to prevent bottlenecks
  5. Knowing if my quality control is up-to-standard
  6. Knowing how to meet ISO-9000
  7. Knowing how to get a better product quality
  8. Learning better how to prevent breakdown of equipment
  9. Knowing where I can improve my systems
  10. Learning how to make my systems 'talk' to eachother better
  11. Knowing better if my costs are in control
  12. Knowing better what my margins are
  13. Knowing better what changes I can make to improve my margins
  14. Learning how to reduce my costs
  15. Knowing better where I am wasting money
  16. Learning better how to cope with change
  17. Getting faster feedback from my processes
  18. Learning to control my processes better
  19. Learning how to make better use of my people
  20. Learning how to better re-stabilize after a recent re-engineering/re-structuring
  21. Learning how to better prove the viability of my operations to the bank
  22. Knowing how to make a better Business Plan
  23. Learning how to reduce the time between order and delivery (Cycle-time)
  24. Learning how to select suppliers better
  25. Learning how to avoid process safety problems better
  26. Learning how to avoid product safety problems better
  27. Knowing how to solve a specific problem better
  28. Knowing better how the Internet can help my business
  29. Learning how to reduce the paperwork better
  30. Finding ways to improve my office operations better
  31. Learning to be more effective
  32. Learning to be more efficient
  33. Knowing better what my customers are thinking
  34. Making my R&D more effective
  35. Learning to make my products last longer and perform better
  36. Knowing better how to reduce customer service costs
  37. Knowing better what is wrong with the products
  38. Learning better to get more customers
  39. Knowingbetter if my prices are reasonable
  40. Getting faster feedback
  41. Becoming more aware if what I need to do better
  42. Getting better use of my capital investment

If you can find 3 ways to improve, you can use our services!

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