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Business Analysis

Choose you own analysis method

Some examples of the many analysis methods we have available:

  • Business Analysis
    • Business Structure Analysis
    • Business Organization Analysis
    • Business Development Analysis
    • Business Systems Applications Analysis (SAA)
    • Systems Integration Analysis
    • Change Management, Dynamic Transaction Logistics (DTL)
    • Business Stability Analysis (BSA)
    • Business Rules Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
    • Due Dilligence Analysis (DDA)
    • Business Plan Analysis
    • Financial Ratios Analysis
    • Financial Trend Analysis
    • Overhead Analysis
    • Product Cost Analysis
    • Product Profitablity Analysis
  • Operations Analysis
    • Operations Effectiveness Analysis (OEA)
    • Process Quality Analysis (PQA)
    • Process Cost Analysis (PCA)
    • Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)
    • Value Analysis
    • Standards & Procedures Analysis
  • Process Management Analysis
    • Manufacturing Plan Analysis
    • Management Organization Analysis
    • Order Flow Analysis
    • Process Flow Analysis
    • Process Cycle-time Analysis(JIT)
    • Process Doc Flow Analysis
    • Transaction Analysis
    • Records Analysis
    • Systems Applications Analysis (SAA)
    • Materials Selection Process Analysis
    • Process and Product Safety Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction Analysis
    • Customer Satisfaction Analysis
    • Customer Feedback Analysis
    • Customer Service Analysis
    • Customer Deliveries Analysis
    • Delivery Completion Analysis
    • Order Accuracy Analysis
    • Billing Accuracy Analysis
    • Customer. Documentation Analysis
    • Customer Returns Analysis
    • Overall Cost of Ownership (OCO) Analysis
    • Failure Analysis
    • Root-cause Analysis
  • Marketing Analysis
    • Marketing Plan Analysis
    • Product Line Analysis
    • Product Market Maturity Status Analysis
    • Competition and Competetive Price Analysis
  • Design Analysis
    • R&D Plan Analysis
    • QFD Analysis
    • Value Analysis
    • Life Cycle Analysis
    • Reliability, Availability, Maintainability (RAM) Analysis
    • Overall Cost of Ownership (OCO) Analysis
  • Quality Analysis
    • TQM/ISO-9000 Analysis
    • Supplier Quality Management Analysis
    • Quality Cost Analysis
    • Statistical Process Control Analysis
    • Trend Analysis
    • Quality Limits Analysis
    • Pareto Analysis
    • Yield Analysis
    • Waste Analysis.
    • Purchased Materials Quality Analysis
    • Just-In-Time Analysis.
    • Maintenance Analysis
    • Materials Handling Analysis

Do you need any of these types of analysis? Look no further - contact Quali-Tech.
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Let us know what you are looking for - we can analyse anything anywhere anytime!

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