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Health, Safety & Environment Planning

Virtually any business has to deal with H,S&E issues. Some are more serious than others. But even clerical offices are not excluded.
Most jurisdictions have laws, bylaws and regulations which dictate what is expected of the Management and of the Workers of a company. While each country, province, county, municipality may have all different laws, the principles and legal requirements do not differ very much from place to place - because the objective is the same in all cases: To protect the workers and the public.

Usually, the following areas need to be addressed:

  • Legal Requirements and Organizational Structure
  • Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control
  • Investigation Techniques and Reporting
  • Prevention Information Resources

Our company is positioned to help you with:

  • Setting up and training of the organization responsible for H,S&E
  • The identification and assessment of hazards
  • Setting up a control program
  • Investigating incidents and accidents
  • Report Writing
  • Information Research

In addition, we can help you setting up an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) which will cover all aspects of the business, including H,S&E.


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