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Customer Satisfaction Improvement

Quali-Tech can help you develop your Customer Service System and your Customer Feedback and Analysis System.

Much of your customer satisfaction will depend on your own processes and those of your vendors. That's why we, in keeping with the spirit of ISO-9000/2000, are aiming to produce high quality products and services through superior Process Management from Process Design through Manufacturing to Customer Service. We train our customers to manage their processes and to keep control over them, so they do not become dependent on the consultant, but instead are able to maintain this high level of performance with new products as well.

Supplier Quality Management (SQM)

While in North America our focus today is on Profit Improvement, in most other parts of the world it is Quality Improvement and Vendor Qualification of world-wide suppliers to North American Industries.
Established Industries with high quality standards, such as the Automotive Industry and the Electronics Industry have been finding it economical to have their parts, sub-assemblies, assemblies and even complete product lines manufactured in 'developing countries'. As prices go up, when developing countries develop, this cycle is repeated from country to country. Each time, Manufacturers are surveyed, improved and approved.

Quali-Tech has been involved in each stage of this process in various countries, including Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and the USA.

We offer our services in the areas of:

  • Vendor Capability Surveys
  • Vendor Process/Quality/Service Improvement
  • Vendor Process/Quality/Service Management
  • Vendor Qualification
  • Vendor Certification.

Alternatively, Quali-Tech can be contracted by the Manufacturer/Vendor Company to prepare itself for Qualification, by setting up its Process/Quality/Service Improvement Program and its Process/Quality/Service Management System.

Vendors Certified by this process have invariably been very satisfied with the quality improvements made and the operating efficiencies gained from improved processes.

Product Failure Analysis (PFA)

Product Failure Analysis may be required to solve problems that may arise from customer complaints, customer returns or product or process quality issues.

In all cases Root-Cause Analysis (RCA) is performed to determine which factors were at the root of the problem and need to be resolved to prevent recurrence.

Quali-Tech has extensive experience in RCA leading to failure prevention procedures.

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