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QUALI-TECH consists of all senior consultants, who have worked in the trenches, know how to dig up inefficiencies and can find areas for improvement rapidly. They can see trends before you do and warn you of impending dangers. They will teach you to run your operation more effectively and to assure that you will be more profitable without a dependence on consultants. Your success is their success

QUALI-TECH has over 200 associates with many years of experience as engineers and specialists, who have worked in both small companies and in Fortune 500 companies, in business fields such as, electronics, finance, human resources, information systems, logistics, marketing, manufacturing, materials, quality to ISO-9000 and training.

QUALI-TECH has access to over 30 different kinds of specialists, so we can compose a team specific to each client and their needs.

Our people have educational backgrounds and hands-on experience in Business Management, Finance, Quality Management, Engineering, Systems Analysis, and Systems Integration.

They are all trained to improve your revenue, cash flow, and cycle time.


When you need a champion for the excellence of your operation, we have the team to do it!

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