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Venture Capital Resources

Venture capital may be needed by your business for many reasons. Expansion, tying you over when unforseen delays occur, slow paying customers, new high volume customers.

Capital is not hard to get. Money is available for any viable business with a good business plan. But you must prove that the business is viable and the plan must be sound. Too many plans are not worth the paper they are written on. Most experienced lenders can tell quickly if the plan is realistic or inflated. Many rely on consultants to do 'due diligence' or evaluate or write the business plan.

The cost of capital varies. Each one requires careful evaluation of ALL the options. Don't go with the first one offer you get.

(Today, for Government supported small loans, you should pay less than prime + 2% for a small-business loan).
Some institutions charge interest at a reasonable rate, but require full collateral or a much higher collateral than the loan. The latter is open to abuse in case of missing payments.
Some private lenders will match your own investment and will charge you a higher interest rate.
Others will require shares for 40-60% of the business and a seat on the board of directors.

The latter is the most economical and may give you additional business advice, a major benefit.

Here are some of the resources in the Toronto area:

Business Development Bank of Canada


Calmeadow Metrofund
Current Capital Corp.
HDL Capital Corporation

Lightning Capital

Toronto Venture Group


DISCLAIMER: Quali-Tech is in no way associated with any of these organizations and
cannot vouch for their capabilty nor trustworthyness. It is the total responsibility of the client to evaluate these resources.
When in doubt, one may consult the Better Business Bureau of the area where they are located.

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