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Why Quali-Tech ?!

Are you looking for a Consultant who

  • Is conversant with the Electronic Technology?
  • Is up-todate with E-Business?
  • Can help you with E-Commerce?
  • Can react fast through E-mail and the Internet?
  • Can assess your Technology needs?
  • Knows how to balance expense with value?
  • Knows how to control products through process control?
  • Knows how to figure out your real costs and losses?
  • Can help you build a robust infra-structure?
  • Will train your people to be self-sufficient?

Why Quali-Tech?

QUALI-TECH has experienced professional people dedicated to providing small and medium companies with the same level of world class excellence as large companies have enjoyed.
This means that now you can afford services that will help you compete at the global level, without the need for a large in-house staff.

QUALI-TECH can help your company improve customer satisfaction, process and product quality, and profitability, while accessing the vast global market place.

QUALI-TECH can help salvage an operation, reduce overhead costs, reduce drop-out rates, improve delivery schedules, prevent product failures, improve processes, and help reduce, reuse, recover, and recycle waste.

QUALI-TECH can help you become self-sufficent, to manage the business, and continue to build those skills on your own. e.g.

QUALI-TECH can help you make full use of all aspects of e-business from document management, through SCM, and ERP to Web based e-commerce applications. All of these to help you save money, speed up processes and increasing your market share.

If so, look no further - look at our services and contact Quali-Tech

If not, let us know what you are looking for - we CAN help you!

When you need a champion for the excellence of your operation, we have the team to do it!

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