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Some examples of our services:

  • Business Analysis
    • Operations Effectiveness Analysis (OEA)
    • Process Quality Analysis (PQA)
    • Systems Applications Analysis (SAA)
    • Cost Analysis, Value Analysis, Financial Analysis, Cost Improvement (PCA)
    • Change Management, Dynamic Transaction Logistics (DTL)
    • Re-structuring, Re-engineering, and Re-stabilization (RStab)
    • Due Dilligence Analysis (DDA)
    • Choose you own analysis method
  • Process Cycle-time Reduction
    • Process Management (JIT)
    • Systems Integration and Management
    • Materials Selection
    • Process and Product Safety
    • Failure Analysis, Root-cause Analysis and Problem Solving
  • Office Management
    • Effectiveness and Efficienly Analysis
    • Process Flow Control
    • Documentation Management
  • Business Recovery Planning (BRP)
    • Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
    • Health, Safety and Environment Plan (HS&E)
    • Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
    • Contingency Plan (CP)
  • E-Business
    • Computer Network Systems
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
    • Documentation Management
    • Technology Office Applications
    • Technology Manufacturing Applications
  • E-Commerce
    • Marketing and Selling on the Web
    • Getting leads
    • Partnering
    • Security
  • R & D
    • Funding and Controls
    • Design Gate Process
    • Product Reliability and Maintainability
    • Product Life Cycle Costing
    • New ideas
    • Tax Benefits
  • Customer Satisfaction Improvement
    • ISO-9000 - Total Quality Process Management (TQM)
    • Customer Service
    • Customer Feedback
    • Outsourcing and Supplier Quality Management (SQM)
    • Product Failure Analysis, Root-cause Analysis and Problem Solving (PFA)
  • Health, Safety & Environment
    • HS&E Management
    • Industrial Hygiene
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Emergency Response Planning
    • HS&E Training
    • Analytical Sevices

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